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I'm Ji Yeon aka. Jito! My dreams of creating beautiful things started at a young age. I was always told that I could make anything beautiful if I put my mind to it. Many years later, fresh out of college I find myself starting a blog that will help me share my love for food, decor, fashion & beauty. Any lifestyle or DIY tips I've learned over the past few years will be here as well! 

After working at an events & wedding planning company, I've been in the digital marketing field in NYC  ever since. All my work experiences have been helping me to showcase my creativity and love for aesthetically beautiful creations. All I desire is to simply bring light to the simple & beautiful joys of my life!


I got my nickname "Jito" from my older brother who was trying to think of a stage name for me back when I was pursuing music. Jito has been an endearing nickname for me ever since then and until now only my close family and friends called me that. But now I want to share that with everyone!

 This blog isn't a means for me to be someone else or be like anyone else but I'm simply just Jito and everything shown on this blog are darling passions of mine. I am who I am thanks to our amazing God and my loving family and friends.

I hope to inspire others out there to explore their creativity because everyone has the power to find the extra in the ordinary! I'm so excited to embark on this whimsical, colorful and beautiful journey with everyone! 

Enjoy & au revoir!