And introducing to you, the most colorful and fabulous bagels... EVER! Okay, maybe I seem a little too enthusiastic about this bagel, but let me tell you, when my friend told me about these rainbow bagels, I knew I had to try them. The good ol' classic way with funfetti cream cheese. Yes, FUNFETTI cream cheese which is equally fun and whacky.

This past Thanksgiving weekend, my family and I made the trek to Williamsburg, Brooklyn at 8 in the morning on a Sunday because I was raving about these (even though I had yet to try them). I won't bore you with any details, but get right into my actual thoughts about the bagel and other flavors from the store!

FOOD: As amazing and fun as it looks, the bagel itself actually isn't exploding with flavor. It's just a classic blueberry flavor. I do think though, what kind of cream cheese you choose to get is very, very important. I got one with the cannoli cream cheese and I've decided that anything cannoli flavored should remain in it's original glorious cannoli form. I was not a big fan of the rainbow bagel with cannoli cream cheese, but the one with funfetti cream cheese was delicious! That is, if you're into sweet bagels. After trying these sweet bagels with a sweet cream cheese, I've realized I'm more of a savory bagel kind of gal. However, the actual rainbow bagel was very chewy and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I also tried the cinammon cragel, which is a croissant- bagel hybrid but that was a big no no for me. Unfortunately, my poor sister had to eat that one because I was not a fan. I was expecting something of a chewy, flaky and light texture, but it wasn't chewy or flaky AT ALL. Instead it was super dense and had no resemblance to a croissant or bagel in any way. 

SERVICE: You have to go to the back and wait on line to order your bagel and fillings. I had reserved my rainbow bagels beforehand because I was told that I could do that. I was fearful that the rainbow bagels would be all sold out by the time I got there so I made sure to have them set aside for me. It usually takes a while for them to ring you up as well. It's not very fast paced and I'm not sure why, but even with the reserved bagels I had to wait a while to finally pay and eat. I'm not going to rave about their service at The Bagel Store, but at the same time I had no particular complaints. 

ATMOSPHERE: Nothing too special as it's on the corner of the street in Williamsburg. VERY limited seating. There's basically one row alongside the window. The only thing that pops about this bagel store are the rainbow bagels peeking out from their glass containment in the back. 

VALUE: EXPENSIVE. No other way around it. However, I do understand it takes a lot of effort to make one rainbow bagel... I mean, look at it! For one rainbow bagel with funfetti cream cheese it was a whopping $6.90. If you decide to get a lot of rainbow bagels, it definitely adds up. We also got an everything bagel with lox and onions which was a little more than $10. Very expensive. 

OVERALL: An experience all should try when in NYC. These bagels are so fun and pretty to look at and when paired with the right cream cheese... it's really fun to eat! Although it's expensive, I think it's worth it to try at least once! I'm definitely going to come back and eat it again! Plus, they're Instagram worthy and who doesn't love that, right? :)