I love sparkles! And I know a lot of women love sparkly things as well, especially on our nails. So, I thought it be fun to combine designs like ombre and sparkles into painting nails! It's not as difficult as it sounds so if you have an extra 10 minutes, this is just the nail art for you! 


  • a very pale pink nail polish (I used ESSIE 'WRAP ME UP')
  • a purple metallic nail polish (I used ESSIE 'NOTHING ELSE METALS')
  • a sparkly nail polish (I used ESSIE 'HORS D'OEUVRES')
  • a clear polish


1.) Apply a clear base coat to your nails. I used Sally Hansen's Ultiamte Shield (base and top coat) because I like to just have my base and top coat all in one bottle, but you could use any clear polish.

2.) After, apply one coat of the pale pink (close to an off white color) on to your nails. Wait for it to dry and then apply a second coat.

3.) On the tips of your nails, apply a thin coat of the metallic polish. It doesn't have to be perfect because we'll be going over it with the sparkles. Make sure the tip is not just a thin line but be generous!

4.) Starting from the tip of the nails, start to apply the sparkly nail polish and work your way down to the middle of your nails. You can continue a little past the middle with a few sparkles for the ombre look. You can go over the tips of your nails with more sparkly polish if you wish!

5.) Finally, apply a generous coat of your top polish so it looks extra polished. VOILA!

Enjoy your sparkly nails... but don't get too distracted by them like how I did! Enjoy & au revoir! 

Photography & Styling by: Jito