My roomie from college always used to tell me how important it was to wash any makeup brushes I had. I only used one face makeup brush then because I never used much face makeup anyways, so I never understood the importance of cleaning any makeup tools that I had. Finally after college and after experiencing a couple of breakouts because of my dirty brushes, I've realized how important it is to wash these so you're not spreading dirt and bacteria around your face. Even if you use one brush, or a BB/CC cream sponge, washing those tools is a must! I can't emphasize enough how much dirt and bacteria is trapped in these brush hairs. Even if you don't own many... I know every girl has at least one face makeup brush or BB cream sponge. So let's go wash these tools for a cleaner and brighter face! 


  • Any makeup brushes or sponges (this includes eyeshadow blending brushes or blush brushes as well!)
  • A rice spatula (sold HERE or any asian grocery store!)
  • Baby shampoo OR dishwashing soap OR your facewash
  • Clean towel/cloth

I like to use my household items like dishwashing soap and the rice spatula because it works great in getting all the old makeup out. You can of course buy makeup brush shampoo HERE, but I found that these items work equally as well in getting the job done! 


Wet your makeup brush with warm water. Try not to get too much water directly into the barrel of the brush and do not submerge your entire brush in the water because it disintegrates the glue that holds the hairs together. This may lead to your brush hairs falling out. 

Pour a dime size of baby shampoo, dishwashing soap, or facewash on to your spatula. This spatula is going to help you to rub your brushes on something so you can really get all the dirt out. You could of course use your hands as well, but I thought this was a nifty hack to wash your brushes more efficiently. 

You're going to want to very gently rub/twirl your brushes in a circular motion on the spatula to really get the old makeup out. You'll start to see all the old makeup and dirt come out. You can do this under soft running water (put the tap on low so that it's just a stream coming out of the faucet) and you can also use more shampoo if you need! 

Keep swirling and keep going! This will take about 5 minutes, depending on how dirty your brush is and you're going to want to keep going until the water runs clean! Don't forget to be gentle and squeeze out any excess water in the direction your bristles go in. By the way, you should solely use the rice spatula for cleaning your brushes... please do not wash it and use it again for food! 

Again, you're going to want to keep running it under warm water and squeezing the brush hairs to see if it runs cleanly. You can use more shampoo but make sure to get all residue out! 

Lastly, dry your brushes on the hand towel gently, and squeeze all excess water out in the directions of the bristles so it maintains its shape! I usually let my brushes dry for 24 hours before I use them again. If they're still damp when you touch them, let them dry for another couple of hours before using. 

TIP: You can also use a little bit of olive oil mixed with the shampoo to also clean your brushes however, I found that either of the three, dishwashing soap, facewash, or baby shampoo, works perfectly well! 

Now go wash any sponge or brush you have! I truly truly urge you to do so... even if it's that one brush you've been using sporadically, it's really important to be using clean brushes to apply makeup on your face! Enjoy! 

Photography & Styling by: Jito (w/ help from DMP)