As unhealthy as fried chicken is... who doesn't love a wonderfully, crispy, and juicy fried chicken? So this week, my friend and I went out to try some Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken. BRFC is owned by the Bromberg brothers who also own the fancier, American Blue Ribbon restaurants. BRFC is located in East Village and they sell fried chicken by the piece, in combos and in sandwiches. They have Southern style sides like hush puppies and grilled corn & bacon as well. I won't bore you any longer with these details but I'll just go straight into my thoughts and photos! 

FOOD: My friend and I ordered a 4 piece wings combo that comes with cole slaw and fries as well as a fried chicken sandwich called Kerry's Classic with a side of hush puppies. The sandwich was delicious and I really liked it! It had a whole slice of caramelized pineapple, lettuce, tomatoes, and their special blue ribbon sauce in it. The pineapple paired perfectly with the chicken and the bun was soft which I really enjoyed. I wish I liked the fried chicken better but it was a bit too heavily seasoned for me and not enough meat. I did however, enjoy all the different sauces they offer! You can choose whichever sauce you want (they're all on every table in the restaurant) and most of them are honey based... which if you know me, I love honey. 

SERVICE: You go up, order, and wait for your food with a buzzer. It's pretty fast paced and no fuss so, I obviously didn't have any complaints with the service. The food came out fairly quickly and it all came out fresh and hot. 

ATMOSPHERE: The atmosphere was nothing special here. It was kind of like a more brightly lit Chipotle. There's a lot of seating and everything is pretty well organized in the restaurant. No fancy decorations or anything... everything was just bright and pretty well organized.

VALUE: I wish I can say it was a good price for fried chicken but I must say... it's actually pretty pricey! One drumstick + one thigh costs $11 + tax, which to be honest is not much food for the value. The sandwich costs $9 and there were no sides included. So, the price wasn't absurd but it also wasn't your bang for your buck kind of deal. 

OVERALL: I wasn't amazed by the fried chicken or their sides but their sandwich (at least the one I had) was pretty darn delicious. One of my favorite things about this place was all the honey based sauces... they even had a wildflower honey bottle which was straight up honey! Would I go here again? I probably wouldn't go out of my way to eat here again unless I crave that sandwich I tried. Maybe I'll go and try some of their other sandwiches but I think I would rather go to KFC or Bonchon for fried chicken.