I'm so excited to tell you all that I've collaborated with Open Table to bring you my latest beauty blog post! When they reached out to me, there were a lot of different blog post ideas being tossed around but we really wanted this to be a chic and fun post. So we thought it be cool to talk about which beauty essentials help me get ready for a dinner out in the city. I'll have another one coming next week reviewing a restaurant with Open Table but let's get started on my must haves while I get ready to go out and what I like to put in my handbag for later! (In order to shop for these beauties featured below, just click on the header for each!) 


Using a sheet mask before you go out for dinner, whether it be with your friends or a date, could help your skin look and feel luminous. Whether or not you'll put makeup on after, it's a great way to get that effortless glow in less than 20 minutes! You can use one while you do your hair and pick out what to wear... which makes it super efficient. Sheet masks also serve as a great primer before you put your foundation or BB cream on. 


So before I started obsessing over cushion compacts, I swore by simple concealers and mineral powder foundations. I never really needed full coverage so I thought those options would be best to give me the most natural finish. But lately, I've been loving cushion compacts! It always gives me a dewy but natural finish and they are perfect to carry around in your bag (has a mirror, cushion, and SPF all in one) for a touch up later in the night! 


Perfumes can be a lovely beauty accessory when going out. Having a beautiful signature scent of your choice, can help you feel feminine, wonderful, and fresh. I love Chance from Chanel because it provides a chic yet rich scent that only smells better as the night goes on. Don't overlook this quintessential beauty accessory when getting ready!


A gorgeous lip color can add such life to your face! A warm pink color such as above can really brighten up the face and add a feminine touch to any look. Whether you go bare faced or not, a colorful lip can truly complete the look and give you that polished finish we all seek for at the end of our beauty routine. 


Lastly, a face mist is a must when getting ready and when bringing essential beauty items out in your bag. I mist this on my face after I'm done with my makeup and also stick it in my bag if I ever feel like my face is getting dry and just need a touch up. (Avène is another favorite of mine aside from the above!) 

So here are my beauty essentials when getting ready to go out for dinner and to take with me. You never know when you'll run into a beauty crisis, right? What are your beauty essentials for a fun night out? ;) 

Photography & Styling by: Ji Yeon Kim