I've been wanting to try chicken and waffles for such a long time now! I had heard that Cafeteria was known for their 'chicken and waffles' so I made my way over here, for a Saturday brunch. Cafeteria is a contemporary style American diner that serves interesting menu items such as 'mac n' cheese spring rolls' and this massive 'chicken & waffles'. I wish I had tried the spring rolls but this time around, I split the 'chicken and waffle's and a croissant sandwich. So let's get started with my thoughts! 

FOOD: We ordered the 'chicken and waffles' since we came for this and the 'croissant breakfast sandwich'. Both options were delicious! The fried chicken was cooked to perfection and it was pretty juicy all around. The waffle was equally good, although I wish it had been a tad bit crispier. I wasn't a huge fan of the "syrup" dipping sauce that came with it (it tasted a bit citrusy) so I asked for just regular maple syrup and enjoyed that much better. The hot sauce on the side was also a nice touch to cancel out the greasiness of the fried chicken. The breakfast sandwich was also delightful... I absolutely love croissant! And the eggs here were fluffy and I thoroughly enjoyed the avocados in the sandwich. 

SERVICE: Your entire party whether its 2 of you or you're a party of 6, have to be present in order to be seated. The service was good - our waiter was attentive and I had no complaints! 

ATMOSPHERE: We were seated outside but I enjoyed this little area outside! Cafeteria is located in Chelsea so it was quite pleasant and quiet. The indoors had a contemporary feel to it with white tables and sleek decorations. 

VALUE: The price for brunch here is pretty average. Dishes range from $11-$30. Most of their breakfast items are around $12 or $13. The chicken and waffles was a bit pricey - it was $20. This was definitely one of their more expensive items on the menu but overall the price wasn't TOO steep. 

OVERALL: Overall, I enjoyed Cafeteria. I don't think I'm dying to come here again but it was a great place to try out and I would definitely come here again. I want to try more of their menu items like the truffle fries and the mac n' cheese spring rolls!