I'm gonna keep this post sweet and simple, just like these pork buns. These are simply the best in town and the best part? They're only $1.20. They used to be $1 but hey, I can't blame them... it's NYC and rent is expensive. So at the end of the day, these delicious and sweet pork buns are absolutely worth the extra 20 cents! So let's get started!

FOOD: SO. GOOD. Especially when you get them hot and fresh, they just taste amazing. One of the best part of these pork buns is the bun itself. It's like a sweet, and chewy bread that has been slightly baked to perfection. The inside, is filled with an equally amazing sweet and fatty pork goodness. The ratio of filling to bun is absolute perfection. 

SERVICE: Quick. They speak limited English here so just tell them how many pork buns you want and have your money ready because they really like efficiency.

ATMOSPHERE: The restaurant itself is small and doesn't offer any seating unless you're dining in. So unfortunately, you can't just buy your pork buns and try to sit down and eat. Instead, you'll spot people outside the shop happily devouring these pork buns. 

VALUE: $1.20. Cash only.

OVERALL: So worth it. I take all my out of town friends here because it's just so worth it. It's a perfect snack food while walking around NYC and will definitely satisfy you!