Happy Monday everyone! I'm so excited to talk about the Jito's Eats today. It's an absolute (ha! pun intended) favorite of mine here in the city and I wake up most mornings craving this bagel! Absolute Bagels is located on the Upper West Side near Columbia University (108th Street) and is one of the most popular bagel spots here in NYC. So let's get started. 

FOOD: Absolutely delicious. Hands down, one of the best bagels ever! It's so fresh in the mornings. It's just chewy enough, and also has an amazing and extensive cream cheese selection to choose from. I usually stick with my favorite: an onion bagel with chives and garlic cream cheese. It's so delicious and savory... I love it! I've always enjoyed my bagels not toasted and usually if it's a good quality bagel, there's no need for you to toast it. I've tried their bagels toasted as well, but I definitely prefer it fresh. It's soft and moist on the inside of the actual bagel, but just crispy enough on the outside. TIP: When choosing a bagel, try to go for a lighter colored one as opposed to a darker one. These are usually just chewy enough on the inside and the outside doesn't have a too-cooked taste to it (if that makes sense). 

SERVICE: The service is pretty friendly here and although there's usually always a wait here (sometimes it's out the door!) the line moves fairly quickly and they get your bagels ready as quickly as possible. So think of what you want to order while you wait on the line because everything happens so quickly once it's your turn. It's cash only though, so be prepared!

ATMOSPHERE: Nothing special... slightly run down but who needs a fancy bagel shop when the taste of the bagel speaks for itself?! There's a decent amount of seating inside but most people take their bagels to go, so if you're wanting a seat to sit inside the shop, it won't be too hard to find one. 

VALUE: It's around $4.30 ish for a bagel and cream cheese. The value seems to be pretty average for a good quality bagel, so I'm always definitely up for one! Again, it is cash only so make sure you're aware of that, if you decide to go. 

OVERALL: It's one of my favorite things to eat here in the city. I don't even want to really try a lot of other bagel places, except for the rainbow bagel at The Bagel Store, because it is just that good. You won't regret it... plus, it's a beautiful walk down the Upper West Side to Midtown!