It's been a while since I've done a Jito's Eats: NYC Edition! I initially started this because I wanted to keep track of all the delicious eateries I've tried here in the city, and as I predicted it has been pretty difficult to keep up. It's difficult to always take my camera around and take high quality photos in some of the lighting at these restaurants... nevertheless, I know that shouldn't be an excuse and I promise I will try harder to continue on all my food journey's! Thanks for your patience and hope you enjoy! 

Today, I'll be talking about a little gem in Long Island City (LIC). To be honest, there aren't A LOT of places to eat in LIC but they have a select few of really GREAT places, like this one Thai place which I'll review next time. Anyways, LIC Market offers unique American foods done uniquely by using unique ingredients like chicken liver and duck. Everything is done so cutely here and I loved the simplicity of the menu, dishes, and ambience. I went here for a Saturday brunch so let's get started on the actual review. 

FOOD: I ordered a "Sausage & Onions" sandwich while my sister and her friend ordered the "Dirty Rice Frittata". We also got a side of brussels sprouts. Can I just first say that I loved this place right off the bat because they gave us an entire plate of delicious baked goods and breads to munch on while we waited for our foods. It was an array of chocolate croissant, carrot cake bread, and others. 

While I was getting stuffed from all these baked goodies our food came! My sandwich was a bit too big to pick up and eat so I just used a fork and knife to cut through it. I tried my sisters dish as well and it was so good, especially with the hot sauce. LIC Market knows how to cook their eggs just right and I loved how runny mine was. It paired perfectly with the salty sausage and the sweet, caramelized onions. There was a bit too much bread in my dish so I just ate it with one of the buns. I'm glad we ordered some brussels sprouts as well because it was buttery, sweet, garlicky and cooked to perfection. The portions are pretty big and I was so stuffed after. 

SERVICE: The service was awesome. Our waiter was very attentive and everything came in a timely manner. Refilled our waters and coffee's when we needed more and I was more than pleased with the service here!

ATMOSPHERE: So cute! It's a bit of hipster, a bit of whimsical, a bit of nature focused, and I absolutely loved it! There's some seating inside but the real treasure is the seating outside. They have an outside patio area which had a great feel to it and I thoroughly enjoyed eating out here. 

VALUE: The value was also great in comparison to the amount and quality of food here. For their brunch dishes, they average from $10-14 which is a great deal. The portions are big and you get the complimentary bread platter which is a steal! 

OVERALL: I'm a huge fan! I really think this is a little gem here in Long Island City! The food quality AND value is great. This restaurant has an array of delicious dish options and the service was on par with how wonderful the food was. It's a cute, little restaurant and a sweet place to go for a Saturday brunch. They even put your silverware and your check in a mason jar... how adorable is that?! I'd recommend LIC Market to anyone in this area and I'll hopefully be able to go again sometime soon. Hope you enjoyed! 

A from where I stand with my sister after our brunch. :)