Do ice cream sandwiches bring back childhood memories for anyone else too? I remember I used to eat these all the time thanks to my mom... ice cream sandwiches were her favorite so she'd always buy boxes of them! I absolutely love ice cream sandwiches too... they're so yummy. So today, I thought I'd bring a colorful and tasty spin to these ice cream sandwiches by dipping them into white chocolate and then in cereal. I chose two of my favorite cereal flavors, Fruit Loops and Cinnamon Toast Crunch and it was deeeelicious! These are perfect for any event or great to make for fun... so let's get started!



  • Ice cream sandwiches (Any brand will do)
  • White chocolate chip morsels OR any type of chocolate
  • Cereal (Any flavor will do)
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Wax paper or aluminum foil lined baking pan


Cut your ice cream sandwiches in half with a knife. 

Stick your popsicle stick or any short wooden stick into the bottom of the sandwich, through the vanilla ice cream part so you can hold the ice cream sandwich upright. Place the ice cream sandwiches in the freezer while you prep the other ingredients! 

Crush the cereals separately in ziploc bags. This will make it easier for you to cover the chocolate dipped ice cream sandwiches later on.  

Melt the white chocolate in a bowl in intervals of 20 seconds. So place it in the microwave for 20 seconds, take it out and stir it, then microwave it for another 20-30 seconds and then stir it again. Keep doing this until your chocolate has melted smoothly. You don't want to overheat the chocolate or else it will clump, so be aware! 

Have all your ingredients ready because now the fun really starts! With the first ice cream sandwich, I directly dipped it into the white chocolate. However, I don't recommend this because I found that it hardened the white chocolate so I just forked the white chocolate mixture onto half of the sandwich. 

The white chocolate mixture on the sandwich doesn't have to be completely smooth because we're going to dip it once more in our cereal crumbles. So don't worry too much about the smoothness of the shell. 

Have a baking pan lined with wax paper or aluminum foil ready. Spill your cereal crumbles onto the waxed paper so that you can directly place the ice cream sandwich onto the cereal crumbles and it will stick. Then take another handful of cereal crumbles and gently press it down on all sides of the white chocolate covered sandwich. TIP: You're going to have to work quickly because the ice cream sandwich can get soft, making it difficult to handle. Place the cereal crumbles on the ice cream sandwich quickly as well because the white chocolate also hardens very fast. 

And voila we're done! Place it back in to the freezer for about 30 minutes - 1 hour so that it can completely harden. This was such a fun food DIY for me and I hope it'll be just as fun for you guys! The cereal crumbles really make these ice scream sandwiches pop and adds a nice little crunch to them. Let me know if you tried these and your thoughts. Until next time, au revoir! 


Photography & Styling by: Ji Yeon




This past weekend I had the joy and privilege of decorating my sis-in-law's baby shower! With the help of another one of her friends, we were in charge of decorations and were able to throw a whimsical yet beautiful shower. The room was filled with decorations that are easy to create and execute! At first, when I saw the space we would be having the baby shower at, I was so sad I wouldn't be able to decorate a space full of white walls and natural light. There were no windows, the lighting was dim, and it was a HUGE space. Big spaces are much harder to decorate because there's just so much surface space to decorate and leaves a lot of space for the room to feel bare. With a budget, I did the best I could with the space and it turned out to be even better than I had imagined. I could go on and on about the thought process behind what decorations to use and why... so let's get started! 

1.) Use as many BALLOONS as you can. 

Balloons have always been my best friend when it comes to decorating a party or a huge space for an event. Ideally, you'd want to have tons and tons of helium filled white balloons so your room can look absolutely ethereal and amazing, right? Sadly, the reality is we all don't have the money to get all those helium filled balloons. Instead, carve some time out the night before and blow up as many balloons as you can! Tie a long piece of ribbon at the end and you can use tape to hang them upside down... they're still really pretty this way! With that being said, there are so many different ways you can hang balloons and utilize them as decorations. With the help of my gracious brother (thank you!) I was able to hang balloons upside down (pictured above) and also display them on tables so it added a bit of color and fun to the room. 

2.) Use more WHITE FLOWERS and add some COLORED FLOWERS accordingly. 

I absolutely adore flowers. Any type of flowers and floral arrangements make me SO happy. Flowers can add so much whimsy and elegance to any space and event. But I know flowers can also get very expensive. I love to use baby's breath, if you haven't noticed from past posts, to decorate any space because those are especially whimsical, dainty, cheap, and white. Since white goes with any color scheme I like to just buy a bouquet of colored flowers and a lot of baby's breath and hydrangeas (if your budget permits). Use clear jars, vases, or mason jars to hold your floral arrangements! 


3.) Use tissue paper for DIY POM POMS and TASSLE BANNERS.

After helping decorate this baby shower, I've become a true fan of tissue paper pom poms. They are so pretty when you hang them or even just stick them on the wall. They add such a nice touch and guess what... they're really cost-efficient as well! You can either DIY by gathering around 12 sheets, folding it accordion style, tying it in the middle and then spreading the sheets out. If you don't want to completely DIY, at Michaels they were selling a box of 6 for $10! They're a bit tedious to make, but totally worth it! You can also make tassle banners with tissue paper. All you need is string, tissue paper, scissors, and pretty tape. Here's an easy tutorial on how to!   



Whether its for a baby shower or a birthday party, adding some edible decorations always adds a bit of cute and fun into the event. Plus they're yummy. ;) Cupcakes or cake pops are usually nice to display as decorations, but those are super time consuming to make, as well as expensive! A cheaper alternative I tried for this baby shower, was chocolate dipped marshmallows. You can buy any color candy melt from a Michaels store, melt it, and then just dip your marshmallow sticks in them. You can buy the sticks at Michaels as well and just prop the marshmallow on some parchment paper. 

5.) Concentrate on a WALL (and TABLE) to decorate for photo taking.

This last tip is especially nice for baby showers. Having a table with the cake, party favors, desserts, and pictures is a great place to stand behind for pictures. If there's a wall behind that table, make sure to leave a little space so that the star of the party can stand behind the table, and in front of the wall to take pictures at! With this blank wall, make sure to concentrate on putting up a pretty floral or worded banner, balloons, and pom poms. These decorations will help fill in the blank space and make for a great backdrop for photos! I found that using clear packing tape to hang these decorations was easiest... both while putting up and taking down.

Of course there are many different ways to decorate baby shower's, I found that focusing in on 3-4 decorations was easiest for me to handle. For this one, I concentrated mostly on balloons, pom poms, and flowers. Since it was a dim lit room, I went with that ambiance and added in some candles which really helped in giving it a romantic feel. Whichever way you decide to decorate your event... just make sure to have a vision of how you'd like the space to look after and have fun! Au revoir for now! 

Photography & Styling by: Ji Yeon  



After moving to NYC recently, I've noticed how the polluted air has taken a toll on my skin. As much as I absolutely love the city, I am not a fan of how my skin has reacted to the constant dirt and heat here! So today, I thought I'd show you a simple DIY face mask I love to put on for hydration and to cleanse the oiliness off from all the sweat and dirt. Of course, I love using sheet masks as well but this DIY is gentler for your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. 



  • 1 TBSP of plain yogurt (no low-fat or fat free)
  • 1 TBSP of honey
  • 1 tsp of lemon


  • Mix the honey with the yogurt.
  • Wash the lemon, cut in half and squeeze the juice into the mixture.
  • Mix all the ingredients.
  • Smooth mixture over your face avoiding the eyes.
  • Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and gently wash off.

You can alter how much of each ingredient you put in depending on how you like the consistency of your masks! 


  • Yogurt has cleansing and healing properties. It nourishes the skin but at the same time can act as a chemical peel due to the acid components in it.
  • Lemon soothes the skin tone and lightens dark marks! It has tons of Vitamin C and also works as an exfoliator.
  • Honey has antibacterial components which helps fight acne and is extremely soothing to the skin. This is great for sensitive skin!

So whether you're in desperate need to hydrate your skin or you just simply want to pamper yourself, this is a great no fuss and gently DIY face mask. Just an FYI it be best not to use fat free or low-fat yogurt... just plain yogurt will do! It also tastes and smells wonderful which never hurts, right? Enjoy! 

Photography & Styling by: Jito