Okay, so what even is gouache paint?! I'll get to that in a bit below, but let me explain why I'm even bringing this up! Now, let me just say I am no professional artist so everything I write about are all my personal thoughts! I've been taking a design class here back at home and we recently had a "Color Focus" project we had to do. The objective of this project was to create a monochromatic diptych using any paint we wanted. I wanted to draw a haute couture illustration... it's my favorite thing to draw probably because I absolutely adore it! So, I decided to try out gouache paint for the first time!

But what is gouache paint? Gouache paint is like an opaque watercolor. So, while you are able to see the whites of the paper (transparent) when you use watercolor, gouache is like solid paint (opaque). The great thing about gouache is that even though it is more pigmented than watercolor, if you add a good amount of water while painting you can get an affect similar to that of watercolor! It was so great to use! You get the best of both affects of watercolor and something thicker like, acrylic. 

So if any of you decide you want to make handmade cards (of course, on thick paper) you should definitely look into using gouache. Depending on how much water you add while using the paint, you can get a variety of different intensities in color! For a smoother line, I recommend adding a bit of water which will greatly help you to achieve a matte, smooth look. 

With gouache, I found it to be a lot easier to layer and create different shadows within one color. You can simply add some white here and there, and if it gets a bit too much... just add some water and smooth everything out. Also, the paint dries within 5-10 minutes so layering the paint was easy to do!

I used the brand Reeves for my gouache paint, but if you go to Michaels or any art supply store, there's a huge variety of gouache paint to choose from! As for paper, I chose a watercolor paper pad that was 145 lbs. You need to paint on thick paper so that it can handle all the layers of paint! I definitely recommend you to try out gouache paint if you're looking to paint something or simply hand make a card... enjoy! 

Photography & Styling by: Jito