I know I usually do 'Monday Musings' but in honor of this gloomy, rainy Friday here (and because I skipped this weeks musings) I'd thought it be fitting to do a rainy day musings. Some pics were also taken throughout the course of last weekend so I'll note that below in my explanations. Stay warm everybody and have a lovely weekend!

My gloomy view this morning while I reflect, pray, & do some work. So snuggly & cuddly (wishing I was her right now), my breakfast, and my latest drink obsession (sparkling water + honey lemon... so delish). Wondering how I'm already on my second month metro card, a chipped polish, and sharing my fave (Wooly's) with my sister last Saturday. Trying to get my life & blog more organized and finally grateful to God for how He's working in my life in this season & for this city. God bless you all and enjoy!