With the weather being so hot here in the city, I've found myself drinking more and more water to keep myself hydrated. I've always been a fan of fruit infused water but at the same time, my water has to be ice cold! So, I thought making fruit-infused ice cubes would be a lovely and decorative way to drink my ice cold water. As the ice melts, the fruit seeps into the water and I absolutely love the colorful look as well as the taste of it all! It's super easy and beautiful... so let's gets started!


  • Any fruit you want to put in it. I chose lemons, limes, and raspberries/blueberries
  • An ice tray
  • Water


  • Wash your fruit.
  • Slice your fruits into little pieces... the raspberries and blueberries can be kept whole.
  • You can either fill your ice tray first and then place your fruit in it OR you can place your fruit in the ice tray first and then fill it with water.
  • Freeze over night and VOILA it's ready to be used!

If you're a fan of putting fruit into your water (especially lemon slices) this is an absolutely wonderful way to decorate your water as well as drink it. You could also eat the raspberries and blueberries once the ice has melted and it keeps your water cool throughout. 

You can essentially use any fruit you'd like! For bigger fruits like peaches or pears, just cut them into small slices like how I did with my lemons. Another great fruit suggestion would be to use pomegranates. You can also use any ice tray size you'd like. This is one of my favorite ways to add a festive touch when guests are coming over for a summer party. 

I hope you enjoyed and remember to stay hydrated in this simmering hot summer! 

Photography & Styling by: Jito