Is double cleansing worth it? That's a question I've been asking myself, friends, and the internet countless times. And I've come down to the conclusion that: YES, it is worth it and necessary, especially if you wear makeup.

So what is double cleansing? Double cleansing originates from Japan and its when you use a cleansing oil to remove any dirt or makeup before you go ahead and wash your face with a face wash/scrub/foam. 

Now of course these are all just my thoughts, but I've found that double cleansing with another cleansing oil, cleansing water, or cleansing milk not only takes away all the makeup and dirt but it also softens and moisturizes your skin. I find this process of cleaning your face first with an oil before you wash your face again with a face wash, crucial (more so if you wear makeup). 

FIRST STEP: I've discovered that even after using a makeup remover wipe, gently massaging your face with a cleansing oil will effectively soften and brighten your skin. Pictured to the left, I have the Garnier Nourishing Cleansing Oil, which is gentle to the skin and removes ALL makeup.  

Other cleansing oils I've tried are Boscia's Makeup- Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil and Clinique's Take the Day off Cleansing Oil. Both of those also do a fabulous job in removing ALL makeup yet nourishing the skin. (You can purchase these at Sephora.) But if you're looking for a cheaper alternative Botanic's All Bright Gently Cleansing Cream or this Garnier one also does a great job. (You can purchase the cheaper alternatives at Target.)

SECOND STEP: After this step of removing dirt or makeup with an oil, I like to go ahead and use a face wash that makes my face feel completely clean. I've prepared my skin for this next step by using the cleansing oil, so I know my face will be free from any leftover makeup or residue. 

Pictured above I have the Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water Foam Cleanser. This face wash is unlike any other I've tried because of its mousse like consistency but I've really been enjoying it. Next time, I'll have a post about reviewing just face washes.

So, wash away and enjoy a clean face!  

Photography & Styling by: Jito