I've always loved to write cards and decorate any blank space I have with letters/writings. A few years ago, I completely fell in love with the calligraphy like fonts that had been trending. It's so whimsy and lovely! Makes me feel all happy inside when I see beautiful calligraphy. 

But I never got myself to go out and buy a traditionally calligraphy pen until recently. So, I had learned to create a fake calligraphy technique that has worked well all these years. I even wrote the name/addresses for my brother and sister in law's wedding invitation envelopes using this technique! So today I thought I'd share it with you all! 

First, you'll need to use a nice fine tip ink pen. Micron is nice but I've always loved using this Pilot ink pen you can find just about anywhere. 

Next, with pencil, write whatever you want to write. I always use pencil first so I can achieve my ideal handwriting and still use an eraser if needed! But, you can freehand as well. 

Then, go over the pencil writing with your ink pen. 

To make it look like the calligraphy font, you're going to want to create this variation in thickness by drawing a line next to the longest stroke of each letter and filling it in. So all of the down strokes should be thicker and filled in, as if you've been using an angled calligraphy pen. 

See! Wasn't it easy and hassle free? 

Here I've created a couple of different fonts over the past few years as I've experienced with this technique. It's so easy! Now you can easily achieve calligraphy writing without a traditional pen! Enjoy!

Photography & Styling by: Jito