In honor of National Pancakes Day coming up on this Saturday (September 26th), I thought I'd make this 2 ingredients pancake! I had heard about this 2 ingredients pancake for a while now and I first heard about these from my roommate in college who wanted to try them. However, after reading about reviews, a lot of people who had tried this recipe expressed that the pancakes would fall apart in the pan and that it was just a mess. So I decided to add in a little secret ingredient to make these extra sweet, delicious & a success! Let's get started!


  • 1 egg
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tsp - 1 tbsp of honey (OPTIONAL)


Get a pretty well-ripen banana, peel, and put it in a bowl. 

Mash the bananas until it is smooth and has few chunks. The more you mash it so its smooth, the easier it will be later on when you add the egg (it's harder to get rid of chunks when liquid is added in ). 

Once it is well mashed, crack in your 1 egg. Some recipes call for 2 eggs to 1 banana, but I found that this ratio works the best! Mix it together well. 

SECRET INGREDIENT: honey! Honey will help the mixture stick somewhat together so that when you're flipping it in the pan, it won't all fall apart. It also adds a nice touch of sweetness. 

Oil your pan with oil (I used olive oil) and wait until the pan is heated. Spoon in your mixture into round bite-sized shapes. Wait until the side in the pan is golden brown and well done. 

They key is to flip it when one side is golden brown and you see the side facing up is also starting to cook. TIP: When flipping the pancake try to just lightly place your spatula underneath the pancake and gently flip it over keeping it all close to the pan. 

Voila! You are finished! Top with some berries (its a perfect pairing with blueberries if you like blueberries) and drizzle on a little bit of honey or maple syrup!

The pancake doesn't really taste much like an actual pancake but it tastes like a sweet, banana french toast! I really enjoyed this and it was so filling that I wasn't too hungry for lunch later that day. These are healthy, fruity, and absolutely yummy for anyone to give it a try. Hope you enjoyed! 

Photography & Styling by: Jito



I love bibimbap. I also love egg rice (계란 밥). So, today I decided to make a simplified bibimbap using kale and an egg as the main ingredients! There's a touch of sweetness to it from a secret ingredient I use to offset the bitterness of the kale. This recipe is easy enough for any college student or any busy mom/dad to make for their child as a snack or simple meal. Here we go! 


  • Brown rice or white
  • 1 TBS Korean chilli paste (gochujang or 고추장)
  • 1 tsp - 2 tsp of honey (depending on how sweet you'd like it)
  • Sesame oil
  • A bundle of kale
  • Egg
  • Green onions & sesame seeds (optional)


First, make some rice of your choice whether its brown or white. After, add some gochujang and honey into your rice. You can also mix the honey and gochujang in a separate dish, but I just like to add it to my rice to make things easier. 

Next, rip your kale into pieces while you add it into your rice mixture. Add a drizzle of sesame oil and mix all ingredients together. At this point you can add any other veggies you have in the fridge or even some chopped kimchi! 

Fry your egg with a little bit of sesame oil. I like to make sunny side up eggs because the yolk tastes so yummy when mixed in with the rice! TIP: Put your heat on the lowest when frying your egg sunny side up style and with a spoon or fork make sure to spill the uncooked white parts on to the pan so everything is evenly cooked. 

Top your rice mixture with the fried egg. Chop some green onions and top everything with some of that and some sesame seeds! Voila! Enjoy your simplified kale bibimbap. The honey added a sweet twist on this dish and it was so easy to make... hope you enjoy! 

Photography & Styling by: Jito



I used to have really long hair just a couple of months ago, when I decided to cut it all off for a so fresh and so clean (!) short hairstyle! My closest girlfriends had been trying to get me to cut my hair short for a while, but I was never able to get myself to do so. It felt so good once I did and I was dying to curl my new short hair! I'd been loving the wavy short hair look for a while now and after much trial and error... I wanted to bring to you all, my routine on how to curl short hair. Of course this also works with long hair, but I also have a different routine for that... so I'll show you that later once my hair grows back. Let's get started! 



After washing your hair you can spray some of that curl activating spray (optional). You should partially dry your hair or it can be kept wet. Part your hair and then you're going to section your hair by twisting the main sides of your hair (like you're putting it half up and half down). 

At this point you can either clip these two twisted sections together OR hold them together with your hand proceed to use your other hand to twist your remaining hairs together. You're going to want to TWIST OUT (not in). 

Most of your hairs should be twisted and clipped with your hair clip. At this point you can either blow dry your hair like this, sleep with your hair like this, or air dry your hair (if you have time). It should look like the photo above.

After your hair is fully dry and you put down your twists, your hair should be wavy. You can either continue styling your hair with more spray or what I like to do is use my curling wand to get it a bit more waved and curly the way I like it. 

I like to start with my LEFT side. Remember when using a wand or a curling barrel, make sure to use your OPPOSITE hand of the side you're curling (RIGHT hand) to HOLD the curler. Then curl your hair under the barrel and back up with the TIP FACING DOWNWARDS. So you're curling your hair OUTWARDS.

Next, when curling your RIGHT side, again use your OPPOSITE hand to hold the curler while you position the wand DOWNWARDS. Again, you're curling your hair OUTWARDS. And then VOILA... you're finished! 

I also like to twist two front chunks of my hair into a half up and half down hairstyle for at least 10 minutes before I head out. This helps my curls to get a prettier shape and it keeps my hair out of my face when I'm running around. 

This hairstyle definitely looks better the second day and after you sleep on it. It looks a bit more natural and not so wild! Don't forget to tousle your hair a little, shake your head, style accordingly and enjoy! :)  



My older brother absolutely loves dumplings (만두 in Korean), so every time I eat dumplings or make this soup, I think of him! So today, I bring to you one of my favorite Korean recipes. This is SUCH an easy recipe and for those of you college students, working adults, busy mommys & daddys, and vegetarians who don't have time to make beef broth or want to... this is perfect! I use anchovies and vegetables to get a rich, broth flavor and it tastes delicious. So without further ado, let's get started!


  • A pot halfway filled with water
  • Anchovies (for the broth)
  • Dumplings (bagged or you can handmake if you know how!)
  • Onions (optional but highly suggest)
  • Zucchini (optional)
  • 4-5 cloves of garlic
  • Eggs
  • Salt & pepper
  • Dried Seaweed (to top)
  • Green onions (to top)


1.) Boil your pot of water with the dried anchovies.

2.) Once you boil it for about 10-15 minutes, cut up your vegetables and add them to the pot. (I would suggest adding the zucchini later because it cooks very quickly)

3.) Mince your garlic and add it to your pot.

4.) Season your soup with a generous amount of salt and pepper. Taste and add more if necessary.

5.) Add your dumplings into the pot. TIP: How do you know when the dumplings are ready? Once the dumplings come to surface and are afloat in the pot... it is ready!

6.) Mix your eggs in a bowl and hold it high above the pot and while whisking, slowly tip the eggs in. (As pictured above)

7.) Let the soup boil for 2 more minutes and VOILA it is finished!

8.) You can top it with crushed or cut dried seaweed and some green onions.

I can't even tell you how easy this is to make. AND it tastes SO delicious! I've already cooked this twice for my sister and I since I've moved to NYC. I sincerely urge you all to please try this... and let me know how it tastes. ENJOY! 

Photography & Styling by: Jito




Summers a perfect time to have small get-togethers and little parties outdoors. And what better way than to host a garden party for all your friends! Today, I'll give you some tips on how to decorate your party including centerpieces, cost- efficiently and in a delightfully chic way. All by using resources from your backyard and from things around the home. Everything I used today for my garden party was from my own home and yard, with the exception of the baby's breath flowers and balloons I bought. Hope this inspires you all to have outdoor parties or even plan DIY weddings outdoors!

1.) Use picture frames from your home.

Using picture frames from around my house is one of my favorites ways to decorate a centerpiece of a table for a party. I decided to go with a pink, white, and gold theme for my garden party today. I was able to find some picture frames that fit my color scheme. Now, you may be thinking what you should put in these frames but you can easily create your own signs or paintings! These only took me 15 minutes to make and they were so cute and appropriate for this garden party. Frames always add a nice touch to any centerpiece and gives the table a nice homey feel to it.

2.) Use leaves and branches from your trees and spray paint them.

I've always loved big and extravagant centerpieces. But I also know how expensive huge, floral centerpieces can get. So I decided to use some big leaves that were attached to thin branches and put them in some mason jars. Since I had some gold spray paint as well, I just lightly spray painted them... and they came out looking so beautiful! You can completely cover your leaves with your color of choice, but I wanted some green as well so I just sporatically painted them.

3.) Use baby's breathe flowers for cost- efficiency and for a whimsical look.

I never use to see the beauty in baby's breathe flowers until recently and now I'm absolutely in love with them. Especially, when they're used as the main flowers, they give such a whimsy and delicate look to any decoration. I paired these flowers with gold dipped leaves and they turned out to be such a magical pairing. Since baby's breathe flowers are white in color, they go with any color scheme and other floral arrangements. They're also so cheap! These were just $3 for a handful. I was able to put these flowers in all differently decorated jars around the table and they added a lovely touch to my table.

4.) Tie balloons around tree trunks with twine.

I absolutely adore balloons... for all occasions. Sometimes getting helium balloons at your party can be a hassle or expensive. I bought two bags of balloons for just $2 each, blew them up myself, and tied them around my tree trunks. I tied them with twine to give it a more rustic look and it worked perfectly! You can also hang balloons from branches as decorations and they look great when the wind blows. Lets say however, you're hosting a party indoors. You can still hang balloons from the ceiling with some twine and tape! Balloons are just a fun way to add color to any festivity you're hosting.

5.) Use any clear vases, mason jars, bowls or cups you have for your centerpieces.

If you don't want to splurge on expensive glass vases for your floral arrangements, no worries. Nowadays, mason jars are always used at parties to give it a more fun and rustic look. But not only do mason jars work, essentially any clear bowl or cup works as a vase as well. I was able to gather some clear jars and bowls to diversify my decorations. If you want to keep everything cohesive, you can choose to decorate with JUST mason jars or JUST bowls. I love to use clear ones when I'm decorating with colorful flowers so the flowers really stand out.

6.) Decorate & fill the jars.

Now with the jars and bowls you use for your flowers, don't forget to decorate them with ribbon and some twine. That's all you need. Even just ribbon and twine makes a huge difference. Also, I had some clear pebbles as decoration around the home, so I used those to fill some of my bowls up. You can essentially use anything from pieces of tulle, tissue paper, rice, stones and even flower petals! They all make for a great filler in these clear jars.

7.) Create and make your own name cards.

Even if its for a small gathering, name cards are a great way to show special attention to each person. It also adds a nice touch to the table. They're so easy to make and your own handwriting has a nice homemade feel to it. I just used some thick paper and folded it in half to make the cards stand. Then, I used some watered down gouache paint (tutorial here) and then my calligraphy writing (tutorial here) for a beautiful name card.

8.) Place flowers on top of table dishes/placements.

Placing flowers or leaves on top of table place settings adds a sweet touch to the decor of the party. For me, it's always a delight to come sit at my place at a dinner table and have a simple flower waiting for me. Not only does it add a nice touch, but your guests can take it home afterwards! I used some hand picked hydrangeas and leftover baby's breathe to add some extra sweetness to my dish settings.

9.) Use fruits as table decoration to eat or as a party favor.

Here I used peaches as decoration for the table as well as for party favors for the guests to take home after. Peaches are a great summer fruit that add a beatiful and colorful decor to any outdoor party. You can use other fruits such as strawberries, cheeries, pears, and much more for decoration AND to eat. You can place the fruits on pretty platters or you can just simply place them around your jars as decoration. I suggest doing that with fruits like apples, pears, and peaches (ones with tough skins!) so your guests can just wash them when they get home and eat them.

10.) Enjoy!

Lastly, just enjoy this lovely party you've planned and decorated! Whether its a whimsical garden party or a hipster barbeque party... there are so many cost-efficient ways to decorate an outdoor space! Use as much nature (hand picked flowers, leaves, wood, etc.) and creativity as you can. The great thing about the outdoors is that you automatically have a beautiful scenery AND all these decorations can also be used for indoor parties. Now go plan away and enjoy!

Photograpy & Styling by: Jito 





What the milk tofu? I know what you all may be thinking... what in the world is milk tofu? Literally, it's tofu made out of milk. This is a great alternative to soybean tofu if any of you are allergic or even if you just want to try something new! This recipe requires minimal ingredients, it's super easy to make and also tastes good! It tastes a bit creamy like mozzarella cheese and goes great on top of salads! Let's get started. 


  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 tsp of vinegar
  • a pinch of salt

** I used 2 cups of milk for my milk tofu and thus increasing the amount for the other ingredients accordingly!


1.) Heat your pan.

2.) Pour in your milk and let it come to slow simmer/boil.

3.) Once it starts to boil, start stirring the milk in ONE DIRECTION! This is crucial that you stir in the same direction whether its clockwise or counter clock wise.

4.) Once it's boiling and you start stirring, immediately put in your vinegar and pinch of salt.

5.) Continue to stir in one direction and you'll start to see lumps and chunks (hehe).

6.) Once it starts to get a bit watery, take your pot off the stove.

7.) Have a thin cloth and a bowl/container ready for you to drain out the water and save the lumps (demonstrated below).

8.) Squeeze all the liquid out of the cloth and form your tofu into a ball or square.

See how easy that was? Now, if you do not have a cloth you can also use a strainer (make sure the holes are small enough to catch the lumps) to drain the liquid out. You can just shape your tofu with a spoon or with your hands once you're done draining it. 

You can also crumble it on top of some salad, slice it on top, or even just eat it with some fruits. It tastes so yummy! 

I hope you all enjoyed and make sure to give this recipe a try... I mean why not, right?! 

Photography & Styling by: Jito



I've always loved to write cards and decorate any blank space I have with letters/writings. A few years ago, I completely fell in love with the calligraphy like fonts that had been trending. It's so whimsy and lovely! Makes me feel all happy inside when I see beautiful calligraphy. 

But I never got myself to go out and buy a traditionally calligraphy pen until recently. So, I had learned to create a fake calligraphy technique that has worked well all these years. I even wrote the name/addresses for my brother and sister in law's wedding invitation envelopes using this technique! So today I thought I'd share it with you all! 

First, you'll need to use a nice fine tip ink pen. Micron is nice but I've always loved using this Pilot ink pen you can find just about anywhere. 

Next, with pencil, write whatever you want to write. I always use pencil first so I can achieve my ideal handwriting and still use an eraser if needed! But, you can freehand as well. 

Then, go over the pencil writing with your ink pen. 

To make it look like the calligraphy font, you're going to want to create this variation in thickness by drawing a line next to the longest stroke of each letter and filling it in. So all of the down strokes should be thicker and filled in, as if you've been using an angled calligraphy pen. 

See! Wasn't it easy and hassle free? 

Here I've created a couple of different fonts over the past few years as I've experienced with this technique. It's so easy! Now you can easily achieve calligraphy writing without a traditional pen! Enjoy!

Photography & Styling by: Jito