I used to have really long hair just a couple of months ago, when I decided to cut it all off for a so fresh and so clean (!) short hairstyle! My closest girlfriends had been trying to get me to cut my hair short for a while, but I was never able to get myself to do so. It felt so good once I did and I was dying to curl my new short hair! I'd been loving the wavy short hair look for a while now and after much trial and error... I wanted to bring to you all, my routine on how to curl short hair. Of course this also works with long hair, but I also have a different routine for that... so I'll show you that later once my hair grows back. Let's get started! 



After washing your hair you can spray some of that curl activating spray (optional). You should partially dry your hair or it can be kept wet. Part your hair and then you're going to section your hair by twisting the main sides of your hair (like you're putting it half up and half down). 

At this point you can either clip these two twisted sections together OR hold them together with your hand proceed to use your other hand to twist your remaining hairs together. You're going to want to TWIST OUT (not in). 

Most of your hairs should be twisted and clipped with your hair clip. At this point you can either blow dry your hair like this, sleep with your hair like this, or air dry your hair (if you have time). It should look like the photo above.

After your hair is fully dry and you put down your twists, your hair should be wavy. You can either continue styling your hair with more spray or what I like to do is use my curling wand to get it a bit more waved and curly the way I like it. 

I like to start with my LEFT side. Remember when using a wand or a curling barrel, make sure to use your OPPOSITE hand of the side you're curling (RIGHT hand) to HOLD the curler. Then curl your hair under the barrel and back up with the TIP FACING DOWNWARDS. So you're curling your hair OUTWARDS.

Next, when curling your RIGHT side, again use your OPPOSITE hand to hold the curler while you position the wand DOWNWARDS. Again, you're curling your hair OUTWARDS. And then VOILA... you're finished! 

I also like to twist two front chunks of my hair into a half up and half down hairstyle for at least 10 minutes before I head out. This helps my curls to get a prettier shape and it keeps my hair out of my face when I'm running around. 

This hairstyle definitely looks better the second day and after you sleep on it. It looks a bit more natural and not so wild! Don't forget to tousle your hair a little, shake your head, style accordingly and enjoy! :)