I'm back again... and with a cool and trending nail art design tutorial for you all! The glassnails phenomenon originates from Park Eun Kyung's Unistella Salon in Korea and ever since, it has been blowing up on all platforms of social media. As you all may know, Korea is so far advanced in terms of technology and even beauty! Whether it's from skincare to nails... Korea has been producing amazing products and results. If you're all looking to try some Korean beauty products here's a site and company (SokoGlam) that has made it easier for people around the world to get their hands on these beauty must haves! SokoGlam also sells these glass nail stickers but today I thought it be fun to do a DIY on this nail art because it's actually much easier than it seems! 


  • Clear nail polish
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors (I found the smaller ones easier to use)
  • Iridescent cellophane (Can purchase at Party Depot or Michaels)


Cut the cellophane wrapping paper into a smaller piece. 

I found it easier to cut the smaller piece into strips and then cutting smaller triangles which will be your "glass". 

Get your clear polish ready and start with one finger nail at a time. Paint your nail of choice with the clear polish. 

Right after you apply the clear polish, take your tweezers and pick up each triangular piece of cellophane and place it on your nail. I like to start from the bottom side and work my way up as if I'm creating a puzzle. You can organize the "glass" pieces however you want but it was fun for me to organize the pieces so that they weren't touching, yet it all fit together. 

TIP: Make sure to cut different sized triangles and when putting down the pieces unto the nail, don't push it down TOO hard but make sure that no pieces are sticking out. 

Proceed painting each nail (one at a time) and then placing the "glass" pieces on. Don't paint all your nails at once and then try to put the cellophane pieces on because the clear polish will dry up! After, apply another clear coat on top of the cellophane pieces and VOILA we're done! 

Wasn't that really easy?! I won't lie... it is pretty tedious and a bit time consuming but I absolutely love this because not only is it beautiful but once you're done there's essentially no "drying" period needed! I was able to go right back to work and thoroughly enjoyed not having to be SUPER cautious after I get my nails done. Please give this all a try and you'll definitely love the results of this cool glass nails nail art! 

Photography & Styling by: Jito