Traveling can always be an exciting time, whether you're traveling for work, school, or especially vacation! Oftentimes, there are moments when I wish I had a certain object to help me get through the flights more comfortably. That's why I've decided to compile a list of my top 5 travel essentials fit for any carry-on bag! Hopefully this can help you decide what you may need during your own flights and help you pack a bit more efficiently. So, let's get started! 


A beauty bag is a must! I like to include all my sample sized skin care routine products on top of any other beauty product I might need on a long flight. Whether its a mist or a sleeping pack... it's important to hydrate your skin while traveling because the air can oftentimes be very dry on an airplane.


I know you may be thinking... "is this really necessary?" But yes, it is! I know each one of you love to take your shoes off for those long flights (4 hours +) and these slippers will come in handy in flight AND at the hotel. 


Why? Well because 1) hotels do not provide toothpaste and 2) there will be a point on your flight when your mouth feels icky, dry, and just plain foul. A toothbrush and toothpaste are lightweight enough to be carried on your carry-on bag and they come in handy when you just really want to brush your teeth during and after a long flight! 


On my recent business trip to SF, I found myself freezing on the flight back home! I even asked for a blanket but the blanket was so thin... it didn't really help. So I've realized that having a scarf that can also double as a blanket would be so helpful for these cold flights. The beauty of having a scarf that also works as a blanket is that you can use it as an accessory when you don't want to carry it in your bag. You never know when you'll encounter a chilly night wherever you go! 


I've forgotten a charger way too many times on trips, that I finally decided to just have an electronics bag that carries all chargers I need, whether it's for my phone or camera, in one. I include my earphones in as well, so that when I go to look for any kind of electronic wires, I know it'll all be in this bag! You can just use any dust bag you have lying around! Here, I used an old White Barn candle bag which works perfectly. 


For all you beauty junkies out there... this last essential will be your skin saver. ;) As I mentioned above, the airplane air can be very dry and not good for your skin. I recommend bringing a sheet mask or two on the flight to just relax, kick back, and mask on! When you wake up, your skin will be glowing and it'll definitely thank you! 

There we have it! My top 5 travel essentials for my carry-on bag. Of course, all of these suggestions are just what I've gathered from my own experiences, so you can choose to try one or all of these ideas. Keep an eye out for My Top 5 Travel Essentials: Check-In Bag Edition but until then... bon voyage! 

Photography & Styling by: Ji Yeon Kim