Just Jito is one! When I initially started my blog, I had no idea where it would take me and what it would look like one year from now. All I knew was that I wanted to create a creative space where I could bring light to the little joys of my life and share these joys with you all. While journeying through this blog, I can't even begin to tell you how happy I'd be to hear that someone found a particular blog post of mine helpful or that they tried a food recipe and loved it. This was exactly why I had started Just Jito. I wanted to help others look at ordinary things and desire to create it into their own extraordinary. 

Right out of college, it was hard for me to find a job in the creative field I had hoped to go into. I poured myself into Just Jito because it was fun and fulfilling. As I continued to pray and blog, Just Jito led me to an intern position at an events and wedding planning company and eventually led me to an amazing full-time job in beauty I absolutely adored. I realized that when you love what you're doing, you start to day dream about dreams you didn't even dare to think about. Just Jito became a platform where I could physically and enthusiastically show people that I somehow wanted to use this God-given blessing to bless others.  

It's been a rollercoaster of a ride this past year. Like I said earlier, I graduated, moved out to my favorite city in the world, got a job, and was finally starting my young adult life. Just when I didn't think my life could be any better, my family was faced with one of the most difficult obstacles we've had to face yet. 

Three months ago, I received a call I never ever would have hoped to receive. My mom had collapsed. I won't go into too much detail, but I've quit my job and moved back home to take care of my parents. I can easily say, that it has been the most trying, emotional, and just difficult three months of my life. It's inexplicably heartbreaking to see your own mama and loved one in so much pain. It hasn't gotten any easier, but even when it's so hard to see the light in these dark situations... God is so so good. He is so good to the point that even though I have no idea what my future looks like, I just know that my family and I are deeply loved by our Father. I know through these sufferings, there are true blessings to be revealed. God is so good.

With all that being said, I will be back more routinely with Just Jito posts! We, as God's children are his ultimate creations. How passionately He looks at us and views us so beautifully, in the midst of our sinfulness. For this God, I want to continue to shine light on His amazing creations. He too, took something as ordinary as us and made us into His extraordinary children. So, cheers to another joyful and lovely year. And a happiest of birthdays to Just Jito! 

Photography & Styling by: Ji Yeon Kim