When it comes to nails, pinks and nudes are my absolute favorite colors! For some reason, I've never really liked polishing my nails with dark colors, so I've collected quite a few pink and nude nail polishes these past couple of years. From my collection, I've gathered 5 perfect shades of pink and nude colors that are guaranteed to go with any outfit! I'm sure you'll find a new favorite shade for this summer from this bunch, so let's get started! ;)


Topless & Barefoot is one of my absolute favorite pink polishes. It's not really a baby pink color but it's a bit of a muted, light pink color. It almost has hint of beige in it and is definitely not a bright color that would pop. It's perfect for any occassion and is also a perfect pink that matches with other nail polish colors if you'd want to mix and match! 


Hands down, this is my go-to polish for any occassion and any season. I LOVE Sand Tropez and it has never let me down! It's the perfect nude color and is a very mature color, as well. I defintely recommend 2 coats of this color, but once applied, you will not regret this color choice! Have I mentioned, that I absolutely love this one? ;) 


Now this is a bit of a dark, rose colored polish but also works with any outfit during any season. I'd definitely say this is like a dusty rose color and I've realized it's a beautiful shade for any skin tone. This color, especially, looks beautiful when you wear darker shades of clothing such as black or gray! 


Peak Show is such a fresh and crisp color! In the bottle, it looks almost white but there's a slight tint of baby pink in it which makes it that much more fun and whimsical. When I don't want to wear a blatantly pink color on my nails, this is the color I resort to and absolutely love it! 


Last but not least, Between the Seats holds the last spot for being one of my favorite pink and nude colors. It's as if you took a white polish, and added in hints of lavender, pink and gray to create this wonderful concoction of a nail color. I adore it and is perfect for the summer! 

Photography & Styling by: Ji Yeon Kim



Do any of you guys have old nail polish that you're just waiting to toss out or don't use anymore?! Well, here's a DIY crafts for you! You can buy a cheap, wooden or white picture frame from any dollar store (mine was from IKEA) and use old nail polish to revamp it! Summer means bright colors! So this DIY is an easy, no fuss paint job. 


  • a wooden, white, or neutral color picture frame (I used one from IKEA)
  • old nail polishes of all different colors you like
  • masking tape (I used postal tape and just cut that up)


1.) Tape your picture frame in the design you want. For me, I wanted to do slanted stripes so I placed my tape accordingly. You're using the tape as basically a stencil.

2.) Next, paint the areas that have not been taped. It's okay if you paint over the tape because once you take the tape off, the line will be perfectly straight.

3.) Wait a couple of minutes and paint another coat.

4.) Wait until everything is dry and then peel the tape of slowly and carefully.

I had so much fun making this and the nail polish looks fun and cool on the frame! You can gift this or just simply do this to redecorate! 

How cute does it look on a shelf or anywhere around your room? Enjoy! 

Photography & Styling by: Jito