Helloo! I'm back again here with another review of one of my now all time favorites here in the city... the Chobani Store! I'll be getting some other posts out that aren't food reviews this week, but I was just so excited to do this review! Now I know it all sounds pretty interesting and exciting but at the same time I'm sure you're thinking how a yogurt store could be that good, exciting, and worth it. Oh but it is... I can't exactly explain how good it is and what makes it so delicious, but all the flavors just work really well together and aesthetically the yogurt cups are beautiful. Before I get started I just also wanted to tell you all that I'll just be combining "Jito's Eats" and "Jito's Sweets" into one, "Jito's Eats". I figured it might just be easier this way... now let's get started!

FOOD: My favorite flavor was the "Pumpkin + Cranberry" yogurt. Chobani has a good selection of both savory and sweet options, however I wasn't adventurous enough yet to try the savory ones. Hopefully one day I'll get myself to do it! Anyways, the "Pumpkin + Cranberry" is absolutely delicious and I wish it wasn't a seasonal flavor because I bet I would order this flavor every time I go. My next favorite flavor, which is one of their classics is "Fresh Fruit + Honey". It sounds simple and it is, but it's also fresh and the honey adds just enough sweetness. I've also tried the "Pineapple + Coconut" and the "Pistachio + Chocolate" which were also pretty good but I don't think I would order those again. They use the same type of original greek yogurt in all of the flavors and they just add in different toppings, but the actual yogurt tastes so fresh and creamy. Also, the presentation of these yogurts are so lovely... they're served on a wooden plate and at times it's almost too beautiful to eat. I'm a huge fan!

SERVICE: All the employee's there are so generous and are great at helping explain the different flavors to the customers. You order up front and then they call your name once they are finished making your oder upon request. 

ATMOSPHERE: I've never been more excited to talk about the atmosphere of a food store like this! It's not a huge store but it's a good size with a decent amount of seating, although I do wish there was more seating inside. There are huge windows which makes it feel more spacious and they've decorated the place very cleanly with all wood and stainless steel. I love eating inside the store even if it means fighting for a seat!  It's also a plus that the store is located in Soho which means you can just pop in there for a little snack while you walk around.

VALUE: It's expensive. There's no way around the fact that each yogurt is very pricey. They have two different sizes: half and whole. I think the half is enough for one person and the whole is good to share. It's expensive here but personally I think it's worth it. The experience you get in store is fun and exciting and the store itself is also beautiful! 


Photography & Styling: Jito