I adore mason jars. Even more than that, I love decorating mason jars because there is just so much you can do with them. Today, I'll be showing you 5 simple ways to decorate a mason jar whether its for a party centerpiece, wedding centerpiece, pencil holder, kitchen supply holder, or for anything else. 

1.) Use delicate flowers, leaves, and twine to decorate.

Using delicate pieces to decorate your mason jar can help in providing a natural, organic vibe. I used some leaves here to intertwine them with some twine I had and also used the twine to hold the baby's breathe in place. This is so beautiful to even just use as is, without any flowers in the jar!

2.) Use feathers, leaves (optional), and ribbon to decorate the rim.

As much as I love decorating the middle of the mason jar, I also love to give some attention to the rim area. Here, I've tied a lovely pink ribbon into a bow at the rim. Then I easily slipped in the feather and leaf in the center, to secure both in place. It was so easy and I absolutely love the whimsy feel the feather gives to this decor.

3.) Use twine as the main attraction of the jar and fill it with rice and beans for an organic feel.

Here I've used twine as my main source of decoration for the outside of the jar. I just held the twine in place the first time around, and then kept wrapping it around and around the jar until I had my desired amount. With the other end of the twine, I then tied a little bow. After, I filled the jar with beans and colorful rice. I made a pattern in the inside, by first filling it with beans, then a bit of rice, and then some more beans on top. This makes for a perfect way to stand flowers up, or put your makeup brushes and pens in! This would also be perfect to use for a rustic, barn wedding.

4.) Use lemon and orange slices to decorate the inside of a jar.

The colors of of oranges and lemons make me so happy! They're bright, color, and are perfect to use to add color to any mason jar. First, cut the ends of the lemons and put those ends in the center. These will help your slices be held up on the sides. After, slice the slices 1/4 thick and place them accordingliy around the jar. The more ends you stack up in the center, the more it well help in holding the slices up. I added some orange slices as well to add more color. They smell lovely too!

5.) Use spray paint and tape to color and make different patterns for your mason jar.

If you've seen some of my DIY stuff here, you know by now... how much I love using spray paint, especially in gold. I love the color gold and I think for any party, it adds a touch of elegance and glamour. For a more glamorous look, I've spray painted the bottom half of my mason jar with this gold spray paint and filled it with fake diamond gems. You can find the gems at T.J. Maxx or even Michaels. I used scotch tape to make the design on the jar and just painted the bottom part of where I taped it off. It made a cool traingular shape... and I loved the natural look of the spray paint. It's not a perfect paint job, but I'm such a huge fan of the natural vibe it gave off!

And there you have it! 5 simple ways to decorate a mason jar for any occasion and for any purpose! I use mason jars to put my makeup brushes in, my pencils, and so many other things! I've used it to put flowers in... and I just love how versatile the mason jar is whether you're decorating it or just using it around the home. There are SO many more ways to decorate but I hope this inspires everyone a little to use whatever they have around to simply make something ordinary... into something extraordinary! Enjoy! 

Photography & Styling by: Jito