Have you ever looked at your perfume (years after you've bought it) and wondered if it was still okay to use? I've done that countless times and each time, I'd just shrug my shoulders, think "it'll be alright", and put it back on my shelf. Recently, I've discovered that similar to makeup products, manufacturers have put a little sign on the bottom to provide a shelf life. 

Ever wonder what that little container and lid sign with numbers in it stood for, on the very right? The "36 M" means that the perfume is good for 36 months after you've opened the perfume. So converting that to years, that would be 3 years of shelf life. I remember when I first discovered this, it blew my mind. They also have that sign on certain makeup products which is extremely helpful to know! 

TIP: Store your perfume somewhere dark and cool (especially if the bottle is clear!). If exposed to sun, the heat will break down the chemical bonds that contribute to a perfumes scent. If your perfume bottle is dark or opaque, it can be left out but I would still avoid placing it near a window. 

So of course, the number in the container and lid sign is just what the manufacturers think is best for the particular product. This isn't like milk, that actually expires on the given date. However, I do think it is best to try to use it up in the time span they give you, toss it out, and purchase a new scent. They always have lovely new scents out every season anyways, right? 

So, don't forget to store your perfume in a dark place away from heat, and when spritzing it on yourself don't rub the scent on. Just a little dab will do! Now go check your perfumes shelf life (if you didn't know this little tip already) and enjoy! 

Photography & Styling by: Jito