Being back home has never been sweeter. I'm back home for the second half of summer and today, I went on a lovely date with my parents! They took me to this amazing and completely traditional Japanese restaurant. I loved every part of this restaurant. I felt like I was in Japan!

Everything about Makoto is so traditional... you even have to take your shoes off and put on slippers that they give you! Such a great experience. 

The space is super small and they basically only take reservations. But it's definitely worth the money and time it takes to eat each course. I wasn't able to take too many pictures because I didn't like the lighting much but I tried to take as many as I could! 

The lunch box I ordered came with a mussel soup, an appetizer tray, entree tray, and dessert. It was so filling. The lunch box didn't have much nigiri or sashimi but incorporated more of the cooked foods of Japan. This included: braised cod, tamago, eel nigiri, curried pumpkin, and much more. Each small plate was seasoned to perfection and they were all sweet and savory. My favorite kind of dish. (hehe) You can really taste the care the chef puts in each plate... I loved it! The presentation was also a work of art, it took me forever to take a first bite. 

#ootd. It was such a lovely culinary experience. I would definitely recommend Makoto to anyone in the DC/Virginia/Maryland area! Au revoir! 

How cute is this lady, bidding us farewell?! :)