Just Jito is one! When I initially started my blog, I had no idea where it would take me and what it would look like one year from now. All I knew was that I wanted to create a creative space where I could bring light to the little joys of my life and share these joys with you all. While journeying through this blog, I can't even begin to tell you how happy I'd be to hear that someone found a particular blog post of mine helpful or that they tried a food recipe and loved it. This was exactly why I had started Just Jito. I wanted to help others look at ordinary things and desire to create it into their own extraordinary. 

Right out of college, it was hard for me to find a job in the creative field I had hoped to go into. I poured myself into Just Jito because it was fun and fulfilling. As I continued to pray and blog, Just Jito led me to an intern position at an events and wedding planning company and eventually led me to an amazing full-time job in beauty I absolutely adored. I realized that when you love what you're doing, you start to day dream about dreams you didn't even dare to think about. Just Jito became a platform where I could physically and enthusiastically show people that I somehow wanted to use this God-given blessing to bless others.  

It's been a rollercoaster of a ride this past year. Like I said earlier, I graduated, moved out to my favorite city in the world, got a job, and was finally starting my young adult life. Just when I didn't think my life could be any better, my family was faced with one of the most difficult obstacles we've had to face yet. 

Three months ago, I received a call I never ever would have hoped to receive. My mom had collapsed. I won't go into too much detail, but I've quit my job and moved back home to take care of my parents. I can easily say, that it has been the most trying, emotional, and just difficult three months of my life. It's inexplicably heartbreaking to see your own mama and loved one in so much pain. It hasn't gotten any easier, but even when it's so hard to see the light in these dark situations... God is so so good. He is so good to the point that even though I have no idea what my future looks like, I just know that my family and I are deeply loved by our Father. I know through these sufferings, there are true blessings to be revealed. God is so good.

With all that being said, I will be back more routinely with Just Jito posts! We, as God's children are his ultimate creations. How passionately He looks at us and views us so beautifully, in the midst of our sinfulness. For this God, I want to continue to shine light on His amazing creations. He too, took something as ordinary as us and made us into His extraordinary children. So, cheers to another joyful and lovely year. And a happiest of birthdays to Just Jito! 

Photography & Styling by: Ji Yeon Kim



Traveling can always be an exciting time, whether you're traveling for work, school, or especially vacation! Oftentimes, there are moments when I wish I had a certain object to help me get through the flights more comfortably. That's why I've decided to compile a list of my top 5 travel essentials fit for any carry-on bag! Hopefully this can help you decide what you may need during your own flights and help you pack a bit more efficiently. So, let's get started! 


A beauty bag is a must! I like to include all my sample sized skin care routine products on top of any other beauty product I might need on a long flight. Whether its a mist or a sleeping pack... it's important to hydrate your skin while traveling because the air can oftentimes be very dry on an airplane.


I know you may be thinking... "is this really necessary?" But yes, it is! I know each one of you love to take your shoes off for those long flights (4 hours +) and these slippers will come in handy in flight AND at the hotel. 


Why? Well because 1) hotels do not provide toothpaste and 2) there will be a point on your flight when your mouth feels icky, dry, and just plain foul. A toothbrush and toothpaste are lightweight enough to be carried on your carry-on bag and they come in handy when you just really want to brush your teeth during and after a long flight! 


On my recent business trip to SF, I found myself freezing on the flight back home! I even asked for a blanket but the blanket was so thin... it didn't really help. So I've realized that having a scarf that can also double as a blanket would be so helpful for these cold flights. The beauty of having a scarf that also works as a blanket is that you can use it as an accessory when you don't want to carry it in your bag. You never know when you'll encounter a chilly night wherever you go! 


I've forgotten a charger way too many times on trips, that I finally decided to just have an electronics bag that carries all chargers I need, whether it's for my phone or camera, in one. I include my earphones in as well, so that when I go to look for any kind of electronic wires, I know it'll all be in this bag! You can just use any dust bag you have lying around! Here, I used an old White Barn candle bag which works perfectly. 


For all you beauty junkies out there... this last essential will be your skin saver. ;) As I mentioned above, the airplane air can be very dry and not good for your skin. I recommend bringing a sheet mask or two on the flight to just relax, kick back, and mask on! When you wake up, your skin will be glowing and it'll definitely thank you! 

There we have it! My top 5 travel essentials for my carry-on bag. Of course, all of these suggestions are just what I've gathered from my own experiences, so you can choose to try one or all of these ideas. Keep an eye out for My Top 5 Travel Essentials: Check-In Bag Edition but until then... bon voyage! 

Photography & Styling by: Ji Yeon Kim




Happy Valentine's Day loves! This time of year always rolls by so quickly and it's been one of my favorites not because I like getting sweets or gifts... but because I love making 2 of my own treats! I've been gifting these Hershey buttons since I was in college to my girlfriends and I absolutely adore how cute they look. Plus, they're really addicting to eat since the saltiness of the pretzel pairs so well with the sweetness of the hershey kiss and crunchiness of the M&M hehe. The second treat are Ruffle Chips dipped in white chocolate and crushed M&M's sprinkled on top. I got the inspiration from these Royce chips dipped in chocolate and they're seriously so yummy. Let's get started!



  • Valentine colored M&M's
  • White chocolate, milk chocolate striped Hershey Kisses
  • Pretzel squares


Preheat the oven to 275 degrees. Place some parchment paper on a baking pan. Place all the pretzel squares and directly on top, place all the hershey kisses. This part is the most time consuming because you have to unwrap each kiss, but it's definitely worth it! 

After, place this pan in the oven for 3 full minutes. Depending on the quality of your oven, once you see some of the kisses melting, it's ready to be taken out! 

You're going to have to work super quickly at this point. Place one M&M on top of each hershey kiss. Don't press too hard but you're going to want to put it right in the center. Place in the buttons in the refrigerator so they can harden.

Voila! Look how adorable and sweet they look. I usually gift these in a mason jars so you can see all the pretty hue's of Valentine day colors. 



  • White chocolate
  • Valentine Day colored M&M's
  • Ruffle chips


Melt the white chocolate in the microwave. You can melt it in increments of 30 seconds so stir occasionally while you're melting it! Once you melt it, dip the chips into the white chocolate. You might need a fork to help you coat half of the chip evenly. Crush some M&M's in a plastic bag.

Place some parchment paper on to a baking pan. Place the chocolate dipped ruffles on the parchment paper and sprinkle some of the crushed M&M's on top. 

Wait for the chocolate to harden and voila... it's ready to be gifted and eaten! Wasn't that super easy? These treats are seriously so pretty and super gift-able. Anybody on the receiving end will absolutely love and be touched. Hope you all have the sweetest Valentine's and enjoy! 

Photography & Styling by: Ji Yeon Kim



I'm so excited to tell you all that I've collaborated with Open Table to bring you my latest beauty blog post! When they reached out to me, there were a lot of different blog post ideas being tossed around but we really wanted this to be a chic and fun post. So we thought it be cool to talk about which beauty essentials help me get ready for a dinner out in the city. I'll have another one coming next week reviewing a restaurant with Open Table but let's get started on my must haves while I get ready to go out and what I like to put in my handbag for later! (In order to shop for these beauties featured below, just click on the header for each!) 


Using a sheet mask before you go out for dinner, whether it be with your friends or a date, could help your skin look and feel luminous. Whether or not you'll put makeup on after, it's a great way to get that effortless glow in less than 20 minutes! You can use one while you do your hair and pick out what to wear... which makes it super efficient. Sheet masks also serve as a great primer before you put your foundation or BB cream on. 


So before I started obsessing over cushion compacts, I swore by simple concealers and mineral powder foundations. I never really needed full coverage so I thought those options would be best to give me the most natural finish. But lately, I've been loving cushion compacts! It always gives me a dewy but natural finish and they are perfect to carry around in your bag (has a mirror, cushion, and SPF all in one) for a touch up later in the night! 


Perfumes can be a lovely beauty accessory when going out. Having a beautiful signature scent of your choice, can help you feel feminine, wonderful, and fresh. I love Chance from Chanel because it provides a chic yet rich scent that only smells better as the night goes on. Don't overlook this quintessential beauty accessory when getting ready!


A gorgeous lip color can add such life to your face! A warm pink color such as above can really brighten up the face and add a feminine touch to any look. Whether you go bare faced or not, a colorful lip can truly complete the look and give you that polished finish we all seek for at the end of our beauty routine. 


Lastly, a face mist is a must when getting ready and when bringing essential beauty items out in your bag. I mist this on my face after I'm done with my makeup and also stick it in my bag if I ever feel like my face is getting dry and just need a touch up. (Avène is another favorite of mine aside from the above!) 

So here are my beauty essentials when getting ready to go out for dinner and to take with me. You never know when you'll run into a beauty crisis, right? What are your beauty essentials for a fun night out? ;) 

Photography & Styling by: Ji Yeon Kim



Starting off our 2 year anni weekend with my favorite... flowers! Simba?! Panda Express on the UES (YAS), Hakuna Matata (thank you for taking me to this), and my favorite green door of all time. Haven't had a cake pop in forever, Chef Curry with the pot!, such a great musical (good job, David!), and a yummy omakase 2 year dinner to end our amazing weekend. 




Do ice cream sandwiches bring back childhood memories for anyone else too? I remember I used to eat these all the time thanks to my mom... ice cream sandwiches were her favorite so she'd always buy boxes of them! I absolutely love ice cream sandwiches too... they're so yummy. So today, I thought I'd bring a colorful and tasty spin to these ice cream sandwiches by dipping them into white chocolate and then in cereal. I chose two of my favorite cereal flavors, Fruit Loops and Cinnamon Toast Crunch and it was deeeelicious! These are perfect for any event or great to make for fun... so let's get started!



  • Ice cream sandwiches (Any brand will do)
  • White chocolate chip morsels OR any type of chocolate
  • Cereal (Any flavor will do)
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Wax paper or aluminum foil lined baking pan


Cut your ice cream sandwiches in half with a knife. 

Stick your popsicle stick or any short wooden stick into the bottom of the sandwich, through the vanilla ice cream part so you can hold the ice cream sandwich upright. Place the ice cream sandwiches in the freezer while you prep the other ingredients! 

Crush the cereals separately in ziploc bags. This will make it easier for you to cover the chocolate dipped ice cream sandwiches later on.  

Melt the white chocolate in a bowl in intervals of 20 seconds. So place it in the microwave for 20 seconds, take it out and stir it, then microwave it for another 20-30 seconds and then stir it again. Keep doing this until your chocolate has melted smoothly. You don't want to overheat the chocolate or else it will clump, so be aware! 

Have all your ingredients ready because now the fun really starts! With the first ice cream sandwich, I directly dipped it into the white chocolate. However, I don't recommend this because I found that it hardened the white chocolate so I just forked the white chocolate mixture onto half of the sandwich. 

The white chocolate mixture on the sandwich doesn't have to be completely smooth because we're going to dip it once more in our cereal crumbles. So don't worry too much about the smoothness of the shell. 

Have a baking pan lined with wax paper or aluminum foil ready. Spill your cereal crumbles onto the waxed paper so that you can directly place the ice cream sandwich onto the cereal crumbles and it will stick. Then take another handful of cereal crumbles and gently press it down on all sides of the white chocolate covered sandwich. TIP: You're going to have to work quickly because the ice cream sandwich can get soft, making it difficult to handle. Place the cereal crumbles on the ice cream sandwich quickly as well because the white chocolate also hardens very fast. 

And voila we're done! Place it back in to the freezer for about 30 minutes - 1 hour so that it can completely harden. This was such a fun food DIY for me and I hope it'll be just as fun for you guys! The cereal crumbles really make these ice scream sandwiches pop and adds a nice little crunch to them. Let me know if you tried these and your thoughts. Until next time, au revoir! 


Photography & Styling by: Ji Yeon




This past weekend I had the joy and privilege of decorating my sis-in-law's baby shower! With the help of another one of her friends, we were in charge of decorations and were able to throw a whimsical yet beautiful shower. The room was filled with decorations that are easy to create and execute! At first, when I saw the space we would be having the baby shower at, I was so sad I wouldn't be able to decorate a space full of white walls and natural light. There were no windows, the lighting was dim, and it was a HUGE space. Big spaces are much harder to decorate because there's just so much surface space to decorate and leaves a lot of space for the room to feel bare. With a budget, I did the best I could with the space and it turned out to be even better than I had imagined. I could go on and on about the thought process behind what decorations to use and why... so let's get started! 

1.) Use as many BALLOONS as you can. 

Balloons have always been my best friend when it comes to decorating a party or a huge space for an event. Ideally, you'd want to have tons and tons of helium filled white balloons so your room can look absolutely ethereal and amazing, right? Sadly, the reality is we all don't have the money to get all those helium filled balloons. Instead, carve some time out the night before and blow up as many balloons as you can! Tie a long piece of ribbon at the end and you can use tape to hang them upside down... they're still really pretty this way! With that being said, there are so many different ways you can hang balloons and utilize them as decorations. With the help of my gracious brother (thank you!) I was able to hang balloons upside down (pictured above) and also display them on tables so it added a bit of color and fun to the room. 

2.) Use more WHITE FLOWERS and add some COLORED FLOWERS accordingly. 

I absolutely adore flowers. Any type of flowers and floral arrangements make me SO happy. Flowers can add so much whimsy and elegance to any space and event. But I know flowers can also get very expensive. I love to use baby's breath, if you haven't noticed from past posts, to decorate any space because those are especially whimsical, dainty, cheap, and white. Since white goes with any color scheme I like to just buy a bouquet of colored flowers and a lot of baby's breath and hydrangeas (if your budget permits). Use clear jars, vases, or mason jars to hold your floral arrangements! 


3.) Use tissue paper for DIY POM POMS and TASSLE BANNERS.

After helping decorate this baby shower, I've become a true fan of tissue paper pom poms. They are so pretty when you hang them or even just stick them on the wall. They add such a nice touch and guess what... they're really cost-efficient as well! You can either DIY by gathering around 12 sheets, folding it accordion style, tying it in the middle and then spreading the sheets out. If you don't want to completely DIY, at Michaels they were selling a box of 6 for $10! They're a bit tedious to make, but totally worth it! You can also make tassle banners with tissue paper. All you need is string, tissue paper, scissors, and pretty tape. Here's an easy tutorial on how to!   



Whether its for a baby shower or a birthday party, adding some edible decorations always adds a bit of cute and fun into the event. Plus they're yummy. ;) Cupcakes or cake pops are usually nice to display as decorations, but those are super time consuming to make, as well as expensive! A cheaper alternative I tried for this baby shower, was chocolate dipped marshmallows. You can buy any color candy melt from a Michaels store, melt it, and then just dip your marshmallow sticks in them. You can buy the sticks at Michaels as well and just prop the marshmallow on some parchment paper. 

5.) Concentrate on a WALL (and TABLE) to decorate for photo taking.

This last tip is especially nice for baby showers. Having a table with the cake, party favors, desserts, and pictures is a great place to stand behind for pictures. If there's a wall behind that table, make sure to leave a little space so that the star of the party can stand behind the table, and in front of the wall to take pictures at! With this blank wall, make sure to concentrate on putting up a pretty floral or worded banner, balloons, and pom poms. These decorations will help fill in the blank space and make for a great backdrop for photos! I found that using clear packing tape to hang these decorations was easiest... both while putting up and taking down.

Of course there are many different ways to decorate baby shower's, I found that focusing in on 3-4 decorations was easiest for me to handle. For this one, I concentrated mostly on balloons, pom poms, and flowers. Since it was a dim lit room, I went with that ambiance and added in some candles which really helped in giving it a romantic feel. Whichever way you decide to decorate your event... just make sure to have a vision of how you'd like the space to look after and have fun! Au revoir for now! 

Photography & Styling by: Ji Yeon  




It is getting SO cold here in the city! I don't know how I did it back in the midwest when it fell to -10 degrees, but it's not even that cold here and I'm usually walking back home, cursing the cold. Usually this time around, we find ourselves combatting ultra dry skin which results from the super harsh and frigid weather. So today, I'll be talking about my winter skincare routine I've been adopting during the nights, so that when I wake up my face feels hydrated, moisturized, and super plump, ready for the day! 

Some of you may have heard of the trending 10-step skincare routine from Korea, but I started to loosely adopt this skincare routine this past year (I don't do 10 steps every night) and I've been loving it. I have sensitive, combination skin and so my T-zone tends to get a bit oilier than my checks, while I'm extremely sensitive to a lot of ingredients found in beauty products. This is why I'm usually very careful in testing out products and once I find something that works, I like to use it religiously. I don't have perfect skin but I hope my skincare routine can give you all a little insight into achieving hydrated skin during this cold winter! You can purchase all the products mentioned below at Soko Glam (not sponsored in any way). 

1.) After I double cleanse, I use a toner.

Look at how pretty this packaging is. As pretty as the packaging, it makes my skin pretty and preps it for my next skincare steps. Using a toner helps balance your skins pH level (a good level to be at is 5.5 which is a bit acidic) and hydrates it at the same time. I've used so many toners that makes my skin feeling even more dried out than before, but this Son & Park Beauty Water hydrates and tones the skin effectively. You can also use this product as a make up remover on a cotton pad or to just refresh your skin throughout the day! 

2.) I use an essence. 

Essences are a huge part of the Korean skincare regimen. I love this step because after my skin has been prepped by the Beauty Water, it's ready to absorb all the nutrients an essence can provide! This Missha Time Revolution Treatment Essence has been known to be a dupe of the popular SK-II Essence. They are in fact, both very similar in consistency (watery) and how well it moisturizes the skin. SK-II contains fermented yeast in the form of Pitera, while Missha contains fermented filtrate, Zyosis. I've found the Missha Essence to have reduced some of my redness but by all means it doesn't ever prevent breakouts because I've gotten quite a few since. I love applying this step because essences are jam packed with healthy nutrients for the skin and I just lightly pat this over my skin. 

3.) I use a serum. 

After my skin has been moisturized from the toner and essence, I like to go in ahead with a serum or an ampoule which is a super concentrated moisturizer. Serums contain the most powerful actives which help to give your skin that extra boost and plumping effect! While moisturizers and cleansers can contain filler actives, serums don't have any of that, so the effects of serums can be absorbed more quickly and efficiently. I've been trying this Klairs Vitamin C Serum to see if it fades pigmentation but apparently I have to wait 4-5 weeks until I see true results... so I'll let you know how this works out! Vitamin C is a great way to fade acne scars or pigmentation and there are a lot of ampoules out there that brighten as well as plump your skin.

4.) I either apply emulsion or a moisturizers (which means the same thing) after.

Emulsion is essentially the Korean way of saying moisturizer. You'll usually find the consistency to be a bit more lighter than other moisturizers but I found them to do similar things. Before I cover my face with a heavy night cream, sleeping pack, or sheet mask, I like to hydrate one last time because you need that extra moisture from all the dryness in the air! This Tony Moly Aquaporin Emulsion has been doing the job well these days. The smell is nice and it really does feel like you're feeding your skin extra water and hydrating it, as the packaging on it promotes.

5.) I either apply a heavy night cream or use a face sheet mask in replacement. 

We're almost there but next, I like to go in and apply a heavy night cream, sleeping pack, or face sheet mask! This is probably my favorite step because well 1.) I'm done with my routine and I can go lay down and 2.) it really feels like I'm feeding my face healthy hydrating ingredients. Using a night cream while sleeping is effective because not only are our bodies getting the necessary rest needed, our skin is working to repair itself as well! This Missha Super Aqua Renew Snail Cream is an all time favorite of mine. It's main ingredient is snail mucin which is extremely good for the skin as you may have heard. The smell is a bit strong but the consistency is of a gel-form and it goes on the skin smoothly. Some days I'll replace this step with a face sheet mask or even do both! 

I love face sheet masks. These little sheets are seriously packed with so much goodness and I just love the cooling effect it has on my skin! They have SO many different kinds of sheet masks and for days you feel like pampering yourself... do it! Lastly, on days I'm not feeling lazy I'll apply an eye cream. Eye creams are pretty self explanatory, right? But for those of you wondering, eye creams help to reduce puffiness and fines lines/wrinkles around the eye area! 

Phew! That was a lot wasn't it? You don't necessarily HAVE to do all these steps or use the same products, but if there are any of you wanting your skin to look and feel a bit more hydrated, the above was just an insight into what could help! Some of you could just use a toner and moisturizer which is fine, but when looking for moisturizers, just make sure it'll keep you fully moisturized for this winter season. You can take out some of these steps, add in more, but this routine is what I try to stick with. Speaking of sticking with it... if you're reading this, thanks for sticking with me throughout this long explanation of my skincare routine. I hope this helped in answering some of your questions in what certain products do for your skin and what might be beneficial for your skin type. Until next time... Au revoir! 

Photography & Styling by: Ji Yeon



As much as I love sushi, I also really love cooked Japanese comfort food. There's just something so delicate and simple about home cooked Japanese cuisine that always leaves me feeling beyond satisfied after these meals. One of my favorite classic Japanese and Korean dish is donkatsu (돈가스). Donkatsu originated from Japan and it consists of a deep-fried, breaded pork cutlet. It's one of Japan's classic dishes and there's a place here in NYC that does it just right, Katsu-Hama. Katsu-Hama sells classic Japanese comfort foods and has two locations here in the city. They have excellent lunch specials with good portions and the line to get seated is usually out the door... so let's get started! 

FOOD: The food here is pretty darn delicious and satisfying! The portions are fairly big and the food quality is wonderful. I usually order the classic donkatsu platter which comes with a rice bowl and an endless cabbage salad. This time I tried the donkatsu with American cheese in it and even though the first few bites were gooey, hot, and yummy... I decided I'd just stick with the classic because I ended up not liking the cheese very much. The curry came in a huge boat-like dish with rice underneath. Donkatsu and curry pair really well together and I love dipping the donkatsu pieces into the curry. I've tried some of their appetizers as well, but I think their classic donkatsu and curry entrees are the most popular and the most delicious.

SERVICE: They seat you fairly quickly and the servers also work very quickly. They're quick to get you a refill of the cabbage salad that usually comes with the donkatsu. Since the restaurant itself is always really busy with people coming in out, they're not that attentive but I don't have any huge complaints about their service. 

ATMOSPHERE: I don't know what it is about Katsu-Hama but immediately when I walk in it feels nostalgic and like home. Maybe it's because I used to go to a lot of cozy Japanese restaurants in NYC when I was younger but I love how clean and dim it is in there. The lighting isn't ideal for photos but it is very warm and cozy in there... perfect for a date! ;)

VALUE: It's a fairly good deal if you go here during their lunch hours! They have awesome lunch deals and since a lot of customers work near the area... they're usually in and out quickly which is great when there's a line. Apparently, their portions have gotten smaller but I still think the portions are fine here. I believe, around lunch time the donkatsu is $11-13 and during the dinner time it ranges from $14-17. 

OVERALL: If you're ever craving donkatsu, I would definitely recommend this cute little place. The food you get here is pretty straight-forward and its not the best thing I've eaten necessarily, but I absolutely LOVE it and it's one of my favorites here in the city. It's just Japanese comfort food and Katsu-Hama definitely does donkatsu right! 



Only 10 more days until Christmas! My favorite holiday... not only because of the beautiful lights, festive decorations, and cheerful spirits but because it's the day Jesus was born! In light of this holiday season I thought it be fun to show you a little DIY Christmas gift fit for any of your friends and family. It's extremely easy to make and best of all you can customize it however way you'd like. I got this inspiration from the Kate Spade notebooks but when going to purchase, they were so expensive! This is a great alternative and a great gift for anyone. I also know not everyone has amazing hand-lettering writing so stencils are an easy and nice way to design notebooks. Let's get started!


  • Blank black notebooks (I chose the Cahier notebooks from Moleskine)
  • Gold pen (I advise getting thin tipped ones)
  • Letter and number stencils
  • Christmas music to get you in the mood ;)



Place the stencil above the notebook. If you're a perfectionist you can pencil in two parallel lines as a guide and color the letters in between those lines. 

Start coloring inside the stencil. Since most stencils are thin letters, I do recommend using a fine tip marker so you can really get inside the stencil and color in all corners. 

Don't be afraid to simply write or draw one thing on the notebook. I love simple designs and I'm obsessed with ampersands so this is also a great design to put on a notebook. And VOILA we're done! Don't you just love this season of giving and gifting? Hope you enjoy it all during the process and happy gifting! 

Photography & Styling by: Ji Yeon Kim (with assistance from JNK)